This course presents material on the concepts, theories, and methods applied in accounting education research. This course presentation will emphasize research in the field of accounting education. In order to provide valuable experiences to students, the lecturer in the learning process will play a more role as a facilitator. Every student is required to be able to carry out a logical reasoning process, inductively and deductively through the preparation and presentation of research proposals in the field of accounting education.
After taking the accounting research method course, students are expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Understand the concepts, theories and methods contained in accounting education.
  2. Applying every concept, theory, data analyst method in accounting education.
  3. Choosing the right concept, theory, and analysis method according to the problem, type of data, and research hypothesis.
  4. Prepare and present research proposals in the field of accounting education (preferably in the field of accounting education).
  5. In order for the objectives of this course to be achieved, students must fulfill the following obligations:
  6. Students are required to attend a minimum of 75% tuition.
  7. Each student is required to have one of the mandatory books used in this course.
  8. Every student is required to participate actively in every lecture and assignment given.
  9. Each student must present the material prepared in the form of a ppt file which has been previously consulted with the lecturer.
  10. Students are required to take mid-semester and final exams.
  11. Lecture consultations and other issues are carried out during lectures or at mutually agreed upon consultation hours.
  12. Individual / group students are required to submit an accounting education research proposal no later than one week after the lecture ends.