This course presents the basic concepts, tips and tricks for writing scientific papers and their writing style, the practice of writing important parts of a scientific work both from research and non-research results (theoretical review or opinion-based). The final product of this course is a scientific article composed with specific objectives to the conferences (proceedings) and journals that fit the scope of each study targeted by students. After attending this lecture, students are expected to be able to get direction in the selection of the target publication, strengthening the content of the article, compiling according to the format of the publication's objectives, and a positive attitude to the ethics of writing and publishing. The order of presentation is arranged in accordance with the process of writing scientific articles by determining the target of publication, understanding the author's guidelines, constructing strong academic arguments in the introduction, explaining the research method clearly, reporting the results in an organised manner, discussing findings by comparing with theories and related literature, and drawing conclusions in a way comprehensive. The preparation of the abstract and title is given next before the article is peer-reviewed by fellow college participants. The submission process is also given so that students have a picture of the differences in each of the target journals and their operating platforms.