During the lecture, four main literacy skills in English: reading, writing, listening and speaking, are covered. These are focused on mathematics education context. Selected articles or research publications are used to practice effective reading and comprehension. Writing tasks include short essays on facts (i.e., graphs, charts, tables), mathematics word problems and the solutions, and critical review (i.e., argumentations, judgement). Listening and speaking skills are integrated during discussions on reading or writing tasks. These skills are particularly facilitated through presentations to communicate ideas, raise questions and respond to other comments as well as conducting mathematics classroom instructions in English.

Mata kuliah ini mempelajarkan penggunaan perangkat lunak bantu (software) berbasis TIK untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan matematika.

This course provides a foundation of visual communication to design and to develop mathematical learning media-based interactive multimedia. It is used for computers and mobile devices, which were developed using software to create learning media. This course contains the components of visual communication design, the introduction of software development tools, and how are computers and mobile devices work.

Secara umum mata kuliah ini membahas konsep: media pembelajaran matematika, sumber belajar matematika, alat peraga matematika; landasan penggunaan media pembelajaran matematika; fungsi dan peran media pembelajaran matematika; jenis-jenis dan karakteristik media pembelajaran matematika; pemilihan dan penggunaan media pembelajaran matematika; pengembangan media pembelajaran matematika (alat peraga, lembar kegiatan siswa, modul), teknik produksi/pembuatan media pembelajaran matematika. Secara khusus mata kuliah ini membahas pengembangan media pembelajaran: bilangan, aljabar, geometri dan pengukuran, trigonometri, probabilitas dan statistika, logika dan himpunan, kalkulus, yang dikaitkan dengan pembelajaran matematika sekolah sejalan dengan kurikulum mata pelajaran matematika yang berlaku.