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 mata kuliah ini membolehkan pengunjung tamu untuk masuk
 mata kuliah ini membutuhkan Kunci Masuk

Course Description This course are focused on student competencies of business problems analysis and the use of scientific research tool. This encompasses the understanding and application of appropriate research designs, research statistics, the use of the computer for data analyses, and report writing and presentation. Lectures are designed for 16 lecturing sessions: eight sessions included mid-term exam and eight sessions before final exam. Students are assigned to complete exercises on topics discussed in the lectures and writing a manuscript of paper. Course Objectives In the wake of completing this course, students are expected to be able to: Acquire skills to locate problem areas in organisational settings, and plan, organize, design, and conduct research to help solve the identified problems; Get conversant with the use of statistical analysis and computer programmes; Write and present research reports and paper manuscript; and Develop skills and knowledge to discriminate “good” from “bad” research reported in academic, business, and trade journals.

mata kuliah ini membolehkan pengunjung tamu untuk masuk  mata kuliah ini membutuhkan Kunci Masuk